Sports Booking 101

Forget tallying up Sunday’s game scores on the back of a paper towel, worrying that you spilled too much beer for your writing to be even half-legible. While many Americans enjoy catching a Monday night football game and gathering around the water cooler the next morning to compare bets and outcomes, the Web has influenced even this risky pastime.

Online sports booking services are revolutionizing the way many sports fans bet on their favorite teams, but with continual controversy. The government is taking action against this hobby akin to the Internet and many are confused by the blurred lines between what’s legal and what’s not. The government has ruled that sports booking cannot be carried out in the United States, so it’s common to find services based internationally.

In a game where there is no clear legislation on the matter, one can be thrown for a loop in deciding to bet online or continue meeting with the guys on Game Day. There are some things you may want to know about sports booking before officially making your bet.

Here’s the lowdown on what you should know:

o In booking online, you will bet against a point spread, which is basically the number you feel would divide the money equally in half.

o Understand the betting line or the strived-for equal division between the team everyone expects to win and the underdog.

o In a sports book, a good betting line draws on what the general audience feels about the teams, not necessarily on a team’s true abilities.

o Don’t bet on too many games at once or it’ll be difficult to keep track of where you put your money!

o Research how well every team is faring in your desired sport. It will give you a keen eye in evaluating how much to put down for which team, when.

o Some booking agencies are even in the stock exchanges, adding legitimacy to their features.

o Online sports books are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

o Many online books offer special incentives and bonuses.

o If you are one to make a bet, you have a better chance of always getting your money.

Online booking services are a way to ensure you get what you bargained for. Of course, with any game of betting and figuring out what odds are against you, it’s necessary to use caution when making a wager, even if it’s online. is a site that did several sports booking reviews for those interested in participating in this daring craft.

One booking service they researched, Intertops, even gives its users the chance to bet on the weather and political outcomes! Talk about versatile. If you’re willing to overcome the risks and gambling is your cup of tea, online sports booking could be one of your newest hobbies.

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